Equipment for baking

To organize a bakery you need:
  the minimum area is 4 square meters;
  electric power not less than - 3,5 kW;
  convection oven;
  single-phase socket 220 V;
  freezer chest.

Optional equipment:
  Proof cabinet.

This equipment is necessary for you if the products require mandatory proofing, for example, yeast pies or yeast puff.

If the assortment of the bakery will consist of the line "Express-baking", "Non-yeast puff", "Bread", "Products from the Filo", in this case, there will be enough convection oven.

For the organization of the bakery, special extraction and water supply are not required.

Our specialists are always ready to assist in the selection of equipment, and our technology consultants will train the staff of your bakery to work with the assortment.